Outdoor destinations are always changing. Our goal is to provide inspiration and resources to help you learn about new places.

What we’re about:

Showing you more places to get outside

We’re here to give your quick, pretty overviews of places that might not be on your radar for outdoor trips. Popular outdoor destinations like national parks get plenty of hype on social media. But, there are plenty of other places worth a trip that don’t show up in your feed as often, if at all. We want to share great photos of those places, and then make it easier to go there with actionable plans and suggestions for your next trip.

Clear, accurate info available online

Good information comes from a lot of sources, so we show what’s important for the first phase of planning a trip that’s focused on active outdoor activities. We want to give you the basics to understand if a destination would be good for the outdoor trip you want to take. That includes information about what levels of outdoor adventures are available for different sports.

Connections to local help

Gathering beta can feel like a slog through the internet circa 2003. We’ll link you to the most responsive authorities on the outdoor information you need for each destination. This includes contact info for useful in-person resources available in each community, like info centers and outdoor stores.

Get Started:

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How do you choose what places to feature?

We do the research to make sure there’s appropriate information for each level of adventurer, so you won’t end up a creek without a paddle. In particular, we look for places that still have room to welcome visitors and give you a great outdoor experience. We especially like to feature trails and community-supported outdoor projects that are willing to welcome more people.

Can I suggest a trail or destination?

Absolutely! Send a message on social media with a link or some details and we’ll look into featuring it. A personal recommendation goes a long way in promoting less-traveled corners of North America.

Who’s behind this?

My name is Kirsten, and I love ski touring and bike touring out of the interior British Columbia town of Revelstoke. After working in the outdoor tourism industry in the northeast USA and western Canada, I started this for two reasons: to help off-the-map outdoor destinations get visitors that support the local economy, and to give outdoorsy people a steady supply of inspiration for new trips.

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