Sure, it’s the time of COVD19 and you’re indoors all day. You barely remember what rain feels like and opening the window is close to intoxicating. It should go without saying that you’re not leaving for extended trips now. But if you’ve ever planned a logistically complicated trip, you know much of the work happens before you leave the house. In case you’re feeling lost in a COVID funk of panic and could use some more outdoors in your life, here are three reasons to start plan outdoor trips now.

1. It’s a scary time and you need something to look forward to

There’s no use ignoring this. Are people and the communities you love at risk? Is the timetable unclear when you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors in the ways you’re used to? Yes. But if you’ve done all the other actionable realistic tasks you can to help your community, then you have time to keep yourself occupied with something less dark. Combating boredom and frustration by finding a way to pursue your outdoor interests can help. If you need more justification for staying entertained and engaged, read studies on how to reduce the psychological impact of quarantine.

2. Big trips take a long time to plan, and you have time

If you’ve ever considered going on a huge adventure, you’ve probably been intimidated. The physical training, the financial preparation, and the logistics of putting the rest of your life on hold probably stopped you. But now, you have some time to fill in details of the lofty, ambitious trips you dreamed of. Plus, it may provide the animating force you need to brush up on some hard skills for the outdoors, or figure out where your fitness levels need to be in order to make the trip happen. What kind of bike will you need? What destinations make your shortlist? When things settle down, you’ll have a few plans ready in case circumstances align. You may even have the insight to make one of those dream trips a priority.

3. After quarantine, your new self-insight will help you through more challenging trips

COVID19 is shaking up assumptions about what life looks like, both indoors and outdoors. While it’s scary to feel threatened in our own homes rather than by the sound of an animal in the food bag at night, learning how to deal with stress in both places is important. Awareness of our emotional and physical states will help to weather this storm indoors, and help us become stronger decision-makers once we’re back in the wild.

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