Ski Touring Packing List for Roger’s Pass

If I’m being completely honest, this is an organizational aid for me but that’s no reason you can’t benefit from my transparency next time you head to Glacier National Park. The key that makes Roger’s Pass packing different from other places is that you 100% need your winter permit and a parks pass and also to check if your zone is open in the morning before you park.

Loose Items (to carry to car in one trip):

  • Backpack
  • Helmet clipped to outside of backpack
  • Car bag (big tote to collect car specific extras)
  • Skis
  • Poles (strap poles to skis for less thrashing through doorway)
  • Boots (velcroed together with power strap)

Backpack Contents:

Goggle Pocket:

  • Goggles with low-light lens (Where do you think powder comes from?)
  • Sunglass (no foggles on the uptrack)
  • Beacon (“Transceiver” I get it, more than 70% battery)

Easy Access Pocket:

  • Shovel
  • Probe (min. 3 metres)
  • Skins

Big Inside Compartment:

  • Big Mittens that fit over glove liners for the descent + lunch
  • Work glove combo + glove liner combo for when hands are hot on the uptrack
  • Brimmed sun hat that can be crushed
  • Goretexy shell or something windproof and durable
  • Food bag with minimum of 2 snack bars and 1 lunch
  • Water if it’s low of -10C and/or hot liquid in thermos if colder (never anything with a hose)
  • Survival-y first aid type kit: headlamp, zip ties, lighter, extra ski strap, tinfoil bivvy sac, band aids and moleskin, extra snack bar, multi-tool, hot packs
  • Maps of the zone, downloaded or physical

Bonus / Mega Day Backpack Additions

  • Radio (figure out channel if talking to people with Baofeng)
  • Garmin in-reach mini
  • Ice axe
  • Crampons that fit ski boots
  • 30m Rope
  • Crevasse rescue kit + harness
  • Extra gloves for bootpacking steep things
  • Extra down layer if it’s frigid -20c


  • Sunscreen
  • Band-aids on your feet
  • Travel socks (warm! change when you get to trailhead for the dry, warm feet)
  • Long underwear
  • Snowpants pre-packed with one snack bar, chapstick
  • Charged cell phone with downloaded maps and downloaded Roger’s Pass Winter Permit)
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Buff around your neck
  • Toque on your head
  • Fleece jacket/your midlayer of choice/down if it’s frigid
  • Travel gloves (leave in the car)
  • Big puffy jacket (wear in the car and the parking lot and pack)

Car Bag:

  • Car water in an insulated container
  • Car snacks (tasty in case you get stuck on Highway 1 because of an accident)
  • Ski socks to put on at trailhead
  • Cash for driver (if carpooling)
  • Hot drink
  • Roger’s Pass Parking Permit
  • Canada National Parks Family Pass to hang on mirror